All that you Need to Know about Lundin Group of Companies

Founded by Adolf Lundin over four decades ago, the Lundin Group of companies comprises fourteen publicly traded firms concentrating on the resources sector. Moreover, the expertise varies from early exploration to production and development. Lundin companies produce several commodities and function in more than twenty countries worldwide. Although the Lundin Group is not a corporation, the related public companies share the benefits of Lundin’s evaluation, guidance, expertise, and funding. Similarly, Lundin Group has built a reputation for delivering projects to the stakeholders’ satisfaction and the highest standards, as demonstrated by Ian Lundin, chairman of Lundin Petroleum AB.

Investing in Long-term Management

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Lundin Group has a distinct management structure that values the local community growth. Besides, each Lundin company is led by people managers who are loyal, caring, and hardworking individuals. Each one of them adheres to the general entrepreneurial administrative style and strategic direction in place. Furthermore, senior management turnover is minimal due to a careful and considered selection done. Also, the companies support and provide opportunities to make the business a success. As such, Lundin Group is renowned for its unbeatable human resources track record.

Lundin Group Today and Beyond

With an adventurous and entrepreneurial outlook on life and business, Lukas and Ian H. Lundin have taken after their father, Adolf Lundin. They are people-oriented and innovative with a mind of being in place for the long haul. Furthermore, the fourteen companies continue to shape futures based on the companies’ principles. The uniqueness of the Lundin Group is based on the principle that long-term growth is attained through shared community values. Hence, they value lasting relationships with employees, the community, and the government. Therefore, the investment is based on the long term.

Responsible Mineral and Energy Development

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Lundin Group of companies is committed to addressing the sustainability challenge. It delivers value to the stakeholders while providing social and economic benefits to the communities. Moreover, it ensures that its environmental footprint is at the lowest level possible. The health and safety of the employees and nearby cities are highly prioritized. Again, Lundin Group maximizes business and employment opportunities for the locals, giving them a chance for economic growth. Additionally, they meet all the regulatory requirements that support environmental performance.


The Lundin Group is of companies is an internally recognized group of natural resources and publicly-traded. It was founded by Adolf H. Lundin and led by sons Ian H. Lundin and Lukas H. Lundin. Having been in business for some time, Lundin’s are leaders in detecting superior global investment openings in the natural resources market. Also, the Lundin’s have earned the loyalty of the stakeholders by producing consistent long-term results.…

An Overview of Google AdWords Certification Exam

Whether you are planning to take up your exams or you are preparing for this certification, it is essential to know a thing or two about how a certification exam looks like. Any exam should test the marketers understanding in both the fundamental and intermediate concepts surrounding AdWords. Also, the test evaluates the marketer’s ability to set up, manage and optimize an AdWords campaign.Google Adwords tiles

Topics Covered in Google Ads Tests

To ensure you can successfully come up, manage, and optimize Google AdWords campaigns, learns are required to go through several topics. Different topics are more suited to specific industries. Thus, it is imperative to understand the demands of the industry that are you are in or your preferences. Some of the topics covered include:

Search Advertisement

This topic is designed to help marketers understand both basic and advanced search engine concepts. In this class, the student is expected to learn how to create, manage, and optimize ads. Understanding the fundamentals of search engine advertisements are essential for individuals or companies operating on a limited AdWords budget.

Display Advertising

This lesson or topic covers advanced display advertisement topics. This involves helping the marker understand the best practices involved in developing ads. This course is designed to help individuals and companies with a significant AdWords Budget.

Mobile Advertising

This topic covers the technical aspects involved in mobile advertisement. It is more involving than the other topics considering that it includes things such as biding and targeting, campaign analytics, and mobile optimization.

Video Advertising

This topic is designed to impart both basic and advanced concepts in video marketing. It caters for the needs of people who run video ads on YouTube. Marketers studying this topic are expected to learn how to manage and optimize video brand

There you have it, some of the critical areas of Google AdWords certification. Getting a certificacion google adwords is easy; you only need to master these topics and pass a certification exam. It is clear that Google ads have a technical dimension. As such, the best way one can get the best out of this online marketing campaign is by understanding some key elements involved in AdWords architecture. For employment reasons, having Google Ads certification gives employers or clients an idea of how well you know the AdWords platform.…